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In the early days of software development, there used to be separate teams of Development, Testing, Design, etc with a different scope of tasks to perform. I started my career as a Test Automation developer back in 2011. During my initial months, another developer and I were asked by our Test Lead to design a smoke and regression automation suite. The standard was 6 Test Cases(TC) designs per day per developer. The management decided the number based on the number of TCs and the number of people, not on the basis of other parameters like the complexity of TCs.


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. — Socrates

Yes, that is how I started my journey towards PSM 2. Learning and re-learning the same things and validating understanding through reliable sources.

Professional Scrum Master 2 certification provided by and is considered to be the advanced level. I prefer to gain this badge through extensive reading and from experience. Hope it would help you in achieving your badge. Listing down the sources, I was following during my preparation:

  1. Read Scrum Guide — Yes, read it thoroughly line by line. From my experience the more you read…

The Farm Museum- Polar ship

Are you planning to visit Oslo, the capital of Norway? This blog post can be helpful to you. Everything you might need to know before you start your trip. I am going to share my experience from a 4 days trip including the weekend.

Travel Plan

After some relaxation on travel during COVID-19 within Europe, our intrinsic tendency towards travel pull us to an alluring Scandinavian city and exploring its beauty.

Due to COVID there were very few flight options and could not get a direct flight from Berlin. So we chose KLM and it was a safe journey with proper COVID…

“Estimations are always wrong” — Anonymous

“Scrum Guide doesn’t prescribe to use any estimation technique, like Poker planning, magic estimation, story points, focus factor, dirty hours, T-shirt and persondays. Scrum only establishes some rules of the game around estimates and gives the teams freedom of choice on what estimation technique to use”.

Then Why we discuss a lot about Bug/Defect estimation in our Agile Project/ Agile Product development?

In this blog, I will share my experience on Bug Estimation while working with different Scrum Teams and what would be a good approach to Bug estimation.

Do not estimate bugs, it will impact to Velocity: Often people say this. Let’s discuss why they said so.

Let's take an example to understand it better, during the release…


  • Introduction to RobotFramework
  • Why RobotFramework
  • Infrastructure setup for Windows machine
  • Integration with Eclipse
  • Get started with the First script

Introduction to RobotFramework

  • Robot Framework is an open source robotic process automation (RPA) a solution that is used to automate business processes.
  • It is an open and extensible which means that it can be integrated with virtually any other tool to create powerful and flexible RPA solutions
  • The extensibility of Robot Framework is enabled by its modular architecture that builds on top of extension libraries.
  • The Robot Framework community develops and maintains these libraries that provide functionality such as optical image recognition, database…

This article will help aspiring Quality Assurance professionals to understand how to shape their career.

Being a QA professional or aspiring QA professionals, you should focus on below-mentioned aspects:

Domain Knowledge: The foremost aspect of testing. You can never test an application without putting yourself in the shoes of the end user, and for this, domain know-how is very much essential. Suppose you are working for a Banking application where money transaction is involved, in this scenario if you missed some critical business workflow it might lead to a huge monetary loss. E2E domain knowledge gives you confidence while testing…

Rajesha Moharana

A decade of Agile Software Development experience as a Scrum Practitioner and Quality Coach #servantleader #AgileEvangelist #ATraveller

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